Zoom classes for ALL GJJ Programs!

Hey everyone,

We are super excited to announce the commencement of daily Zoom classes for all of our active students in the coming weeks!

We are immensely grateful for your support, and are constantly looking for ways to better serve you. There is no additional fee for this service, and you will continue building credit for tuition payments made during the downtime.

We hope you will see the value in what we are doing so that we may continue to earn your support.   Here is what you can expect with this new program: Official Schedule: We will generate an official class schedule with multiple classes each week for all of our programs: Gracie Combatives, Master Cycle, Gracie Bullyproof and Women Empowered. We’ll be sending you the schedule next week. Live Two-way Video: Zoom meetings are awesome, and since they allow live two-way video, we’ll be able to see you and you will be able to see us. Besides the great connection opportunity this will provide us, this will also enable us to monitor your progress and answer your questions you have in real time!

If you don’t have a Zoom account yet, get a free one here!

No Partner Necessary: We have completely re-structured our entire curriculum so that every Zoom class can be completed with 100% solo participation. If you have a partner, that’s fine, but a partner will not be necessary for any of the lessons we conduct.

5 Elements of Growth: While we were restructuring the curriculum, we realized how many elements of Jiu-Jitsu are regularly neglected during standard partnered practice in group settings. What’s exciting about these Zoom sessions is that we will have a chance to address all the neglected areas: macro movements, micro movements, mobility, mindset and visualization.

100% Class Credit: We are so confident you will make measurable progress, that each time you attend a Zoom session, we will be pulling your attendance card and issuing full credit (check mark) for your participation! We’ll be sending specific details about the Zoom class schedule next week based on the program you are enrolled in. In the meantime, we hope you continue taking advantage of our live weekend webinars and online Gracie University access. If you missed last weekend’s seminars, click here to watch the recordings.

Please add our email address to your contacts so you don’t miss our messages with the private invitations and other updates! gjjdriggs@gmail.com