Rules & Regulations

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to any scheduled class.
  • Check-in at front desk prior to each class.
  • When entering the mat, always greet the instructor.
  • Don’t leave the mat without notifying the instructor.
  • Please refrain from training without instructor supervision.
  • Personal cleanliness is essential. Long hair must be tied back. Nails must be clipped, hands and feet clean.
  • When entering the mat area, always wear kimono that is clean, with no rips, tears, holes or stains.
  • Have respect and be courteous to everyone, no loud talking while class is in session.
  • Put pagers and cell phones on vibrate.
  • Children not participating in class should be under parental supervision.
  • Techniques should only be taught by the instructor.
  • During a session, only talk about the issues that pertain to the subject of the matter of the class.
  • No foul language will be tolerated.
  • Never walk around bear chested outside the locker room.
  • Please take your kimono and workout clothes home at the end of the class and wash them after each use.
  • No shoes allowed on the training floor.
  • No gum chewing during training sessions.
  • No jewelry of any kinds should be worn to class.

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