Dress Code

For All Gracie Jiu-Jitsu® Students

* * * Click here for a printable version of our dress code.* * * 

ALL GJJ students (kids and adults), are required to wear full Gi to every class. It is not an optional rule.  White Gi must always be clean, with no rips, tears, holes or stains.


  • Students taking the 10-day trial. We have few available Gis and Gi pants for you to borrow. During this time, please wear a solid black t-shit. If you don’t have one, we have a few around, and you can borrow one.
  • Recently enrolled students waiting for their Gi to arrive from the Alavanca / Gracie Store.
  • Students that have been authorized by us to wear something else other than a white Gi.
  • Gracie Game Day, kids are allowed to wear only their white Gi pants (no top), their belt, and a solid black t-shirt or a GJJ black t-shirt. If you don’t have a solid black t-shirt, we have few around, and you can borrow one until you can buy your own.
  • Non-Gi classes (some RD & MC classes / fight simulation).  For those classes you should wear your white Gi pants or Alavanca / GJJ combat shorts, belt, and a solid black t-shirt or any Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training t-shirt.



If you forget your Gi, we have few extra Gis around.  You can rent one for $5 per class.  Just remember to return it at the end of the class.

We remind you again that wearing a Gi is not an optional rule.  White Gi must always be clean, with no rips, tears, holes or stains.


Hygiene should always be a priority

As you know, hygiene is always important, but in Jiu-Jitsu, personal cleanliness is essential.  Long hair must be tied back, nails must be clipped, hands and feet must be clean.  For your own safety, no jewelry of any kind should be worn to class.

Wash your Gi after every class. No exceptions.

Click here for printable instructions of how to properly wash your Gi.


Be considerate of your training partners

  • Please don’t wear perfume, cologne or any strong fragrances that would become distracting and bothersome to others.
  • In case you forget yours, both restrooms have different types of deodorants.
  • There is mouth-wash at the front desk if you ever want to refresh your breath.
  • There are towels at both bathrooms and the shelves right outside the restrooms.  Feel free to use them as needed. Also, very near each of those towel dispensers, there is a basket to put the dirty towels into (look for the “WASH” signs). There is one hamper at the front desk.


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